Cambria and Somerset Counties Conservancy: Remembering Our Environment
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Mission Statement:

  The mission of the Cambria and Somerset Counties Conservancy (CSCC) is to protect our environment and apply sound conservation principles to the development of recreational opportunities for the residents and visitors in the Cambria/Somerset Region.



The CSCC was formed by the Cambria Somerset Authority (CSA) for the purpose of providing environmental stewardship to the natural resources owned by the CSA while simultaneously providing new recreational opportunities for the citizens of Cambria and Somerset Counties and the surrounding regions. CSA owns three reservoirs in the region and provides industrial water to customers while at the same time maintaining a suitable environment for recreation at the reservoirs.  CSCC received its 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization status in September, 2005.

CSCC is comprised of 11 board members from both Cambria and Somerset Counties.  CSCC maintains a close relationship with CSA;  The two organizations work together to conserve our natural resources while providing new and diverse recreational opportunities for our region.


Board Members:

                                            Chairman:    James L. Greco, Ph.D.                                              Vice-Chairman:   Mr. John Toth   
Cambria County Commissioner:     Mr. Mark J. Wissinger            Somerset County Commissioner:   Mr. John Vatavuk
                          Executive Director:   Mr. Earl F. Waddell, P.E.

            Mr. Gregory Elliott           Mr. Patrick Mulcahy, Jr.            Dr. Joe Carney           Mr. James Edwards, Sr.            Mr. Steve Buncich
                                Mr. Robb Piper                              Mr. Robert Ritchey                                     Mr. Tom Koppenhofer




Quemahoning Reservoir (Somerset County)

  • Handicap Accessible Fishing Pier installed at the Family Recreation Area (Completed October 2007)
  • ADA Trail Construction throughout Family Recreation Area
  • Limestone Dosing of Quemahoning Creek, Alkalinity Improvement Project
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement / Food Plots Project
  • American Chestnut Tree Restoration
  • Fish Habitat Improvement Projects
  • Venturi Meter Historical Display
  • Quemahoning Dam - Birdman Road Boat Launch

Hinckston Run Reservoir (Cambria County)

  • Construction of Picnic Pavilions and Picnic Tables at the Family Recreation Area
  • Fish Habitat Improvement Projects

Wilmore Reservoir (Cambria County)

  • Fish Habitat Improvement Projects
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement
  CSCC wishes to recognize and thank the people and organizations who have helped our organization to carry out its mission of protecting and conserving our environment and providing recreational opportunities.  The following have given their support, donated money, and offered assistance with CSCC's projects:
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